Working group on "Green energy space" discussed the final report of 2023

The recent session of the "Green Energy Space" working group was conducted in a hybrid format to deliberate on the draft annual report crafted for the execution of the "Socio-economic Development Strategy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2022-2026" for the year 2023.

During the meeting, Elnur Soltanov, the Chairman of the Working Group and Deputy Minister of Energy, provided an overview of the Working Group's activities and highlighted the agenda items.

Ramil Huseyn, the Deputy Chairman of the working group and Deputy Executive Director of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, presented the report, discussing achievements and challenges encountered within the scope of their activities.

The meeting assessed the status of implementing relevant measures outlined in the "Green Energy Space" objective of the Strategy document, examining indicators and planned targets. Topics covered included natural gas and electricity supply, the establishment of a regulatory environment in the energy sector, fostering public-private partnerships in heat supply, researching offshore wind energy potential, expanding geothermal and bioenergy utilization, creating an information system on green energy sources, integrating new generation powers into the energy system, measures taken in the use of environmentally friendly vehicles, hydrogen production, ensuring energy efficiency, and other related areas.

Members of the working group expressed their opinions on the report, and recommendations were formulated to be considered in the preparation of future reports. According to the strategy document, measures for the current year and tasks for their effective resolution were determined.

Beyond the Ministry of Energy and the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, the "Green Energy Space" Working Group includes representatives from the Ministries of Economy, Ecology and Natural Resources, Agriculture, Digital Development and Transport, Finance, Emergency Situations, SOCAR, Central Bank, Azerbaijan Investment Holding, State Representatives of Statistics Committee, State Urban Planning and Architecture Committee, State Customs Committee, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, "Azersu", "Melioration and Water Management", "Azerenergy", "Azerishig", "Azeristiliktehizat" JSCs.

It is noteworthy that the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan's Decree dated June 12, 2023, ensures the complete, timely, and effective implementation of measures outlined in the "Socio-economic Development Strategy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2022-2026" and coordinates the activities of relevant state bodies. Eight working groups were established for this purpose, and the "Green Energy Space" working group specifically oversees the realization of the "Green Energy Space" goal, coordinating the activities of relevant state bodies.

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